By helicopter

Please note the following important information before landing at Beechfield House.

Grid Reference: ST 903 655 GB

Latitude: N051 23.336'
Longitude: W002 08.432'

Please telephone in advance of arriving by helicopter. Pilots are asked to keep to 500+ feet above the property until descent and then rise to 500+ feet as soon as possible after take off. Beechfield House is on the edge of the RAF Lyneha, Zone on frequency 123.4 MHz. This is also a parachute zone and training area. Colerne ATZ is nearby and contact may be made with Colerne Tower on frequency 122.1Mhz.

Please note the use of the helicopter landing area is entirely the responsibility of the pilot in command and no warranties are offered about its suitability or accuracy. Care should be taken in particular in relation to the surrounding trees and power lines etc.

Landing charges per day:
Non residents - £100.00
Residents - £50.00